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helminGuard has been founded in July 2014 by Helmut Haas in close collaboration with the Research Center Borstel, Germany, as a small enterprise (sole proprietorship) with registered office in Suelfeld, Germany.


HELMUT HAAS, MD, worked on the characterisation of grass pollen allergens and the regulation of the IgE synthesis at the Research Center Borstel from 1981. During a sabbatical 1989/1990, at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology he started work with parasitic worms. Since then he and his coworkers cultivated parasitic worms in vitro and used them as potent model organisms for studying immunoregulation.

GABRIELE SCHRAMM, PhD, has a strong background in the characterisation and engineering of grass pollen allergens. Gabi works since many years together with Helmut Haas in the fields of IgE regulation and immunomodulation by parasitic worms at the Research Center Borstel. She has identified, sequenced and recombinantly expressed key immunmodulatory factors from schistosome eggs: IPSE/alpha-1, omega-1 and kappa-5. Gabi is member of the management and in charge of R&D at helminGuard.

Economic Advisors

PETER KOELLN: International forwarding agent, logistics trader
KURT KUHN: Business man - IT

Helmut Haas
Ahornweg 10
D-23867 Sülfeld

T: +49 (4537) 70 89 31