Drug discovery on live worms*

helminGuard: Protection against / by parasitic worms (helminths)

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Culture dish
helminGuard is specialized in the in vitro culture of schistosomes with the worm larvae maturing under host-like conditions into adults (more).

High throughput screening on live schistosomes

Employing in vitro-cultured schistosomes for screening compound libraries, the team of helminGuard identified several drug candidates with anthelminthic activity.

Advantages of helminGuard's in vitro approach

  • Replacement of mammalian animal experiments according to the 3Rs concept.
  • Relevant results, because compounds are tested on live worms in a host-like environment.
  • Saving of time and costs for drug discovery (more).

*supported by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research Program “Alternative Methods to Animal Experiments”, BMBF/PTJ 0315277

In vitro-matured adult schistosome couples surrounded by immature eggs

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